Kree23, a 28 year old multi-talented Artist from San Antonio, Texas.

Well seasoned in lyricism and the arts, she can do it all.

From tattooing, painting, wire wrapping, producing music, she has been an MC since her poetry days starting at 16 when she also began tattooing.

Learning quick that she could make a living off her artist career, she began to look for avenues to excel in her dreams.

Touring with her music in her earlier years, Kree23 realized she needed to begin truly finding her sound.

Creating her collection of music that’s is both out on music platforms and hidden in her vault of music!

Kree23 aspires to keep creating and finding new goals to achieve. Currently looking into playing more shows and festivals/tattoo conventions.

Now, she is not only doing Hip-Hop but alternative music as well.

Kree23 feels she is beginning to find her true style, whilst being a busy woman managing the very first all female Tattoo/Barber shop in San Antonio.

She vouches to keep the momentum of her dreams pushing.